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Groundhog Day 2020 Predictions

There are a lot of Groundhog Day Forecasters around the world and they don't all always agree on whether there will be 6 more or 6 less weeks of winter. On this page, we've collected as many predictions as we can find for Groundhog Day 2020, so we can tell you what the consensus is. If we missed a prediction, let us know.

Aggregate Groundhog Day 2020 Prediction: Early Spring

Total Predictions: 102

Early Spring : 53.92% (55 predictions)


Long Winter : 46.08% (47 predictions)


Predictions by forecaster:

Prediction Name Type
Early SpringArboretum AnnieGroundhog
Early SpringBalzac BillyGopher mascot
Early SpringBeardsley BartStuffed Prairie Dog
Early SpringBee Cave BobArmadillo
Long WinterBenny the BassBass
Early SpringBig AlAlligator
Long WinterBirmingham BilboOwl
Early SpringBoise BillStuffed Prairie Dog
Early SpringBowman BillGroundhog Puppet
Early SpringBuckeye ChuckGroundhog
Long WinterBuffalo BertGroundhog
Early SpringChesapeake ChuckGroundhog
Early SpringChilly CharlieGroundhog mascot
Long WinterChuck WoodAnimatronic groundhog puppet
Early SpringChucklesGroundhog
Early SpringCluxatawney HenriettaChicken
Long Sloppy WinterConcord CasimirCat
Long WinterConcord CharlieUnseen Groundhog
Early SpringDover DougGroundhog mascot
Long WinterDozerGroundhog
Early SpringDunkirk DaveGroundhog
Early SpringEdgewater ElsieGroundhog sock puppet
Early SpringErnestSkunk
Long WinterEssex EdGroundhog
Early SpringFenwick FlossieGroundhog mascot
Early SpringFirst Coast FrizAardvark
Long WinterFlatiron FreddyStuffed yellow-bellied marmot
Early SpringFred la marmotteGroundhog
Early SpringFrench Creek FreddieGroundhog
Long WinterGeneral Beauregard LeeGroundhog
Long WinterGertie the GroundhogGroundhog
Long WinterGordy the GroundhogGroundhog
Early SpringGreat Neck GretaGroundhog
Early SpringGreta the GroundhogGroundhog
Early SpringGrover Cleveland UndergrounderGroundhog
Early SpringGrover the Groundhog and Sweet Arrow SueStuffed groundhog
Long WinterGrubby the GroundhogGroundhog
Early SpringHaddon Harry the GroundhogGroundhog mascot
Early SpringHarleysville HankStuffed groundhog
Long WinterHoltsville HalGroundhog
Long WinterHuckyBlueTooGroundhog
Long WinterJimmy the GroundhogGroundhog
Long WinterLander LilBronze Prairie Dog Statue
Early SpringLanding LilyGroundhog sock puppet
Long WinterLandis LouStuffed Groundhog
Early SpringLawrenceville LucyGroundhog
Long WinterLucy the LobsterLobster
Long WinterMalverne MelGroundhog
Early SpringManitoba MervGroundhog puppet
Early SpringMilltown MelGroundhog
Long WinterMount Joy MinnieStuffed Groundhog
Early SpringMs. GGroundhog
Early SpringMt. Gretna GradyStuffed Groundhog
Long WinterMurray the GroundhogGroundhog
Early SpringOctoraro OrphieStuffed Groundhog
Early SpringOil Springs OllieGroundhog
Early SpringOscar the GroundhogGroundhog
Long WinterParishNutria
Long WinterPatty PagodaGroundhog mascot
Shorter Spring and Longer, Hotter SummerPierre C. ShadeauxNutria
Long WinterPisgah PeteWhite Squirrel
Long WinterPolk County PaulaGroundhog mascot
Early SpringPoor RichardStuffed Groundhog
Early SpringPoppy the GroundhogGroundhog
Long WinterPotomac PhilTaxidermy Groundhog
Long WinterPrairie Dog PetePrairie Dog
Long WinterPrairie Dog PoppyPrairie Dog
Early SpringPunxsutawney PhilGroundhog
Early SpringQueen CharlotteGroundhog
Early SpringQuigleyGroundhog
Long WinterQuilliamHedgehog
Early SpringRoxbury RitaGroundhog sock puppet
Early SpringSand Mountain SamOpossum
Long WinterSchnogadahl SammiTaxidermy Groundhog
Long WinterScramble the DuckDuck
Long WinterShipoke SheenaDog dressed as a bear pretending to be a groundhog
Long WinterShubenacadie SamGroundhog
Long WinterSir Walter WallyGroundhog
Early SpringSmith Lake JakeGroundhog
Long WinterSnerdGroundhog
Long WinterSnohomish SlewBullfrog
Long WinterSnowyPrairie Dog
Early SpringStaten Island ChuckGroundhog
Early SpringStonewall JacksonGroundhog
Long WinterStormy MarmotStuffed yellow-bellied marmot
Early SpringStumptown FilBeaver
Early SpringSunny the GroundhogGroundhog
Early SpringSunset SamGuinea Pig
Long WinterSusquehanna ShermanStuffed Groundhog
Early SpringTinicum TimGroundhog Puppet
Long WinterTwo Rivers TunnelGroundhog
Long WinterUnadilla BillStuffed groundhog
Long WinterUniTaxidermy mount Groundhog
Long WinterVan Isle VioletMarmot
Early SpringWestern Maryland MurrayGroundhog
Early SpringWiarton WillieGroundhog
Long WinterWildwood WillieStuffed Groundhog
Early SpringWill and WileyGrizzly bears
Early SpringWinnipeg WynGroundhog
Long WinterWoodstock WillieGroundhog
Early SpringWoodyGroundhog
Long WinterYahdeeStuffed groundhog
Early SpringYonah the GroundhogGroundhog

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