Countdown to Groundhog Day

2020 Groundhog Day Predictions

There are a lot of groundhogs and groundhog stand-ins around the world and they don't all always agree on whether there will be 6 more or 6 less weeks of winter. On this page, we've collected as many predictions as we can find for Groundhog Day 2020, so we can tell you what the consensus is. If we missed a prediction, let us know.

Aggregate 2020 Groundhog Day Prediction: Early Spring

Total Predictions: 81

Early Spring : 56.79% (46 predictions)


Long Winter : 43.21% (35 predictions)


Predictions by groundhog

Early Spring: Arboretum Annie (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Balzac Billy (Gopher mascot)

Early Spring: Beardsley Bart (Stuffed Prairie Dog)

Early Spring: Bee Cave Bob (Armadillo)

Long Winter: Birmingham Bilbo (Owl)

Early Spring: Boise Bill (Stuffed Prairie Dog)

Early Spring: Buckeye Chuck (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Buffalo Bert (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Chesapeake Chuck (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Chuck Wood (Animatronic groundhog puppet)

Early Spring: Chuckles (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Clucksatawney Henrietta (Chicken)

Long Winter: Concord Charlie (Unseen Groundhog)

Early Spring: Dover Doug (Groundhog mascot)

Early Spring: Dunkirk Dave (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Ernest (Skunk)

Long Winter: Essex Ed (Groundhog)

Early Spring: First Coast Friz (Aardvark)

Long Winter: Flatiron Freddy (Stuffed yellow-bellied marmot)

Early Spring: Fred la marmotte (Groundhog)

Early Spring: French Creek Freddie (Groundhog)

Long Winter: General Beauregard Lee (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Gordy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Great Neck Greta (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Greta the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Grover the Groundhog (Stuffed groundhog)

Long Winter: Grubby the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Haddon Harry the Groundhog (Groundhog mascot )

Long Winter: Holtsville Hal (Groundhog)

Long Winter: HuckeyBlueToo (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Jimmy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Lander Lil (Bronze Prairie Dog Statue)

Early Spring: Landing Lily (Groundhog sock puppet)

Early Spring: Lawrenceville Lucy (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Lucy the Lobster (Lobster)

Long Winter: Malverne Mel (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Manitoba Merv (Groundhog puppet)

Early Spring: Milltown Mel (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Mount Joy Minnie (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Ms. G (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Mt. Gretna Grady (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Octoraro Orphie (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Oil Springs Ollie (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Parish (Nutria)

Long Winter: Patty Pagoda (Groundhog mascot)

Early Spring: Pierre C. Shadeaux (Nutria)

Long Winter: Pisgah Pete (White Squirrel)

Long Winter: Polk County Paula (Groundhog mascot)

Early Spring: Poor Richard (Stuffed Groundhog)

Early Spring: Poppy the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Potomac Phil (Taxidermied Groundhog)

Early Spring: Punxsutawney Phil (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Queen Charlotte (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Quigley (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Quilliam (Hedgehog)

Early Spring: Roxbury Rita (Groundhog sock puppet)

Early Spring: Sand Mountain Sam (Opossum)

Long Winter: Scramble the Duck (Duck)

Long Winter: Shipoke Sheena (Dog dressed as a bear pretending to be a groundhog)

Long Winter: Shubenacadie Sam (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Sir Walter Wally (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Smith Lake Jake (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Snerd (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Snohomish Slew (Bullfrog)

Early Spring: Staten Island Chuck (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Stonewall Jackson (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Stormy Marmot (Stuffed yellow-bellied marmot )

Early Spring: Stumptown Fil (Beaver)

Early Spring: Sunny the Groundhog (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Susquehanna Sherman (Stuffed Groundhog)

Long Winter: Two Rivers Tunnel (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Unadilla Bill (Stuffed groundhog)

Long Winter: Uni (Taxidermied Groundhog)

Long Winter: Van Isle Violet (Marmot)

Early Spring: Western Maryland Murray (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Wiarton Willie (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Will and Wiley (Grizzly bears)

Early Spring: Winnipeg Wyn (Groundhog)

Long Winter: Woodstock Willie (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Woody (Groundhog)

Early Spring: Yonah the Groundhog (Groundhog)


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